“If we are hunting for the highest version of ourselves, then we need to turn work into play and not the other way round. Unless we invert this equation, much of our capacity for intrinsic motivation starts to shut down. We lose touch with our passion and become less than what we could be and that feeling never really goes away.” -Steven Kolter
As we approach another ski season in the high country, we reflect on our changing world and evolving industry.
 We have been influenced by how our generation has redefined work, communication, and outdoor recreation. Technology has transcended physical boundaries, opening the door to live in places and in ways never thought imaginable. For us, we can now run a company and pursue our mountain ambitions simultaneously.
Like many inventive revolutions throughout history, we are fortunate to be part of a growing movement that values a relationship in the mountains as well as a vibrant and impactful career.
There’s no right answer for everyone and creativity and adaptability are cornerstones. But our drive to develop the best products on the market is complemented by our drive to redefine our own personal limits in the mountains.
The culture and vibrance of this movement, this dream, is much richer and stronger together. We are constantly inspired by adventures big and small by our peers in our home town and around the world. Congruently, we design gear that works well for all levels of endeavor, and we believe strongly that everyone can get outside in the mountains and that the most important thing is to take your next step, plan your next mission, peak, or trip.
We’re inspired to build products because we know you’re out there too. A growing group of individuals who don’t want to compromise, they don’t want to settle. They want to ski and ride and run as part of their culture, lifestyle, and values, while at the same time building careers in ways that push them and our world into the future. This is the modern mountain man and woman, reshaping mountain towns and cities alike, reclaiming the limited scope of vacationland, as our land, our backyards, our weekend meccas, these places where we can be the most us.
As we run a company a stones throw from a ski lift, we also experiment with the blurring of lines within our sports. The categories are melting away; freeride, racing, backcountry.
We don’t like limits, and aspire to blur lines and boundaries in how we ski and bike and live. This has been the foundation for the values we look for in materials, design and function. Light, packable, breathable, stretch-woven, waterproof are evolving garment characteristics and material boundaries that have become equally blurred and redefined. We are shattering these boundaries like our generation is redefining theirs.
Our 18-19 winter collection almost completely live on our site. If you want to chose your favorite color and are looking for mediums or more popular sizing, we suggest ordering sooner rather than later.  -EWR

18/19 Winter Collection Now Live!