Summer Adventuring with Photographer Devin Pool

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Adventure, Photography | 1 comment

There are many reasons to adventure. It might be the desire to elevate your heart rate and exercise. It could be the opportunity to spend time with friends. Or maybe it’s the opposite… maybe you are out there to spend some time by yourself. Or it’s the sights, vistas and incredible nature surrounding you that you’re looking to experience. Whatever the reason, we’re thrilled you’re getting out there and enjoying the mountains.


And if while you’re out there, you happen to snap a few photographs to memorialize the adventure and the reason behind it, we here at Strafe love to see them.


One guy who more than knows his way around an adventure and a camera is Devin Pool. Devin has lived in Aspen for nine years and has certainly made the most of those years when it comes to exploring and enjoying the Elk Mountains. Devin spent much of the summer surrounded their peaks and shared some of his memories — via his camera — with us.

“When planning, hard work, and luck come together. This photo came as a vision in a dream. I knew the full moon of early June would set behind the Maroon Bells at sunrise and I could view it from Highland Peak. What I couldn’t have planned for was one of the most colorful sunrises I have had the pleasure of watching in Colorado. Sometimes it all comes together. “

“This was July 1st in the Elk Mountains. After an icy cold dip, I sat and admired the first flowers of the year making their attempt at survival in this harsh alpine environment.”

“It’s not summer, but I wanted to share. This was February in the Elk Mountains. With the aim of seeing deep wilderness locations in their lonely winter state, I solo toured and camped on the shore of Snowmass Lake. I caught a beautiful snowy moonlit scene of a seldom seen snowy peak.”

“Again, it’s not summer, but wanted to share. Tagert is just as beautiful in the summer! Here the moonlight shines into the Pine Creek valley back behind a perfectly located A-frame cabin as we departed for a moonlit tour and ski descent.”

“August In The Elk Mountains. A rare sunrise rainbow at Snowmass Lake as a wall of rain crossed the lake from the west.”

“Cathedral Lake lit by moonlight. The appropriately named Cathedral Peak reflects the light of an almost full moon in early July in the Elks.”

“The ice caves up Independence Pass make for some beautiful shadows and light creations. Especially at three o’clock in the morning.”