Looking back at it. Hayden Price visits Japan.

Feb 21, 2018 | Adventure, Athlete Stories | 1 comment

Looking back at it, Japan was a pretty surreal experience filled with consistent deep pow, friends, and a glimpse into other ways of living.

Certainly felt like a big 180 into Japanese culture and the mountain experience there.
I miss some, but not all of the snacks and food.
I fell in love with Japanese style and culture.
The sun rarely came out but when it did the magic went through the roof!
Snow covered faces soon became more recognizable than our typical looks.
Mainly because of moments like this one.
The end of days couldn’t stop us as we continued into the night,  skiing the legendary Hokkaido fluff.
Looking back at it there are a few things I’d do differently but one thing is for sure, I am definitely going back! Much love and gratitude to all those that made this trip what it was.