My Hollywood Moment

Apr 16, 2020 | Adventure, Athlete Stories | 1 comment

Heli-skiing in one of the most remote areas on the globe and gliding down wide open slopes that flow seamlessly into the ocean make for the perfect backdrop in a ski movie–Warren Miller’s latest to be exact. Strafe Ambassador Victor Major’s recent trip to Iceland has us drooling, and adding a few more items to our bucketlists.

– Story by Victor Major, Images by Victor and Baker Boyd –

Always a passionate skier, I’ve worked a variety of jobs that enabled a skiing lifestyle and self-funded several pretty cool trips. This year however, I finally caught my “big break”, and got to spend two weeks in northern Iceland heli-skiing and filming with Warren Miller for HEAD Skis, joining one of my best friends and ski partners, Baker Boyd. We arrived March 1st, the beginning of the season there, to the biggest winter they’ve had in 25 years.

That “beyond the wall” feeling. Nearly snowed in at the farm aka Arctic Heliskiing’s Klængshóll Lodge.

The heli’s waiting out the weather.

When the weather clears, it’s lines as far as the eye can see.

Our first few days were filled with wind and less than 100 feet of visibility. Eventually the skies cleared and we were treated with spectacular snow and skiing. Before the trip, I really thought we might be skiing super dense and wet coastal snow, instead we scored several days of cold, blower powder and big lines. I was glad I brought the fat skis.

I wonder why they call it the Gold Coast. Might have to do with the 1,000m lines to the ocean.

The cherry on top was the chance to jump in the ocean after a morning of heli-skiing to try to surf this perfect right-handed point break with no one else in the water (and some thick neoprene).

After our sunny and calm window, a very good 6 days, we again succumbed to the weather of Iceland. Their weekly squalls and breakneck winds would be historic and catastrophic storms nearly anywhere else, but leave it to the Icelanders to be prepared for the worst. Unable to get back in the heli, we concluded filming for the 71st Warren Miller movie and headed back to the states, lucky enough to be the last European flight into DIA for several weeks and home before the worst of the outbreak. Although being quarantined in Iceland wouldn’t be so bad…

 – A huge thank you to HEAD Skis. Look out for the 71st Warren Miller at your local theater this fall.

Victor Major