Strafe and Polartec: A Complementary Combination


Creating performance-driven modern mountain apparel is no easy feat and when it came to finding fabrics that could match our demand for versatility and performance, Polartec answered the call. Strafe and Polartec have worked together to find innovative fabric solutions that stand up to tough mountain conditions. Alone or combined, Polartec fabrics help us create gear that keeps you warm, dry, and safe.

Let’s start with next-to-skin. Polartec® Power Grid gives the Basecamp Hoodie greater wicking efficiency and breathability with a patented grid design structure. Channels of targeted touch points absorb and diffuse moisture vapor for faster evaporation. Not a bad bit of fabric technology to have when you’re layering for a day long in the backcountry.

Then there’s insulation. We chose Polartec® Alpha®, a revolutionary insulation material invented for the U.S. Special Forces, for garments designed to perform uphill and downhill. The exceptional breathability of Polartec® Alpha® regulates core body temperature during both dynamic and static activities. Which means less sweat up the mountain and less chill on the way down. You’ll find Polartec® Alpha® in lots of our pieces, from the Alpha Mid Layer Jacket to the Cloud Nine Pant. An since Alpha® is a fabric, not a fill, no need to worry about migrating feathers creating cold spots after a season of wear.

Waterproof fabrics are an essential part of mountain life. But Polartec® NeoShell®’s breathable membrane works double time, keeping precipitation out while allowing your excess body heat Without breathability, you’ll sweat up a storm in your outerwear. That’s about as fun as running in a wet suit. Polartec’s one-of-a-kind membrane is sandwiched between an outer layer that repels moisture and an inner layer that wicks moisture vapor. Together, this lightweight fabric in our Cham2 Pant and Temerity Jacket has the stretch to move uphill without slowing you down.

When multiple Polartec fabrics are combined into single pieces, the results pack a punch. Look no further than the Men’s Ozone Jacket and the Women’s Eden Jacket. Polartec® Power Dry®, Alpha®, and NeoShell® work together keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable in a range of conditions. Same goes for the Men’s Exhibition Jacket, which sticks with Polartec® Alpha® and NeoShell® for the ultimate breathable package. The Women’s Belle Pant lines Polartec® NeoShell® with Alpha® Direct, the cozier cousin of the original Alpha®.

With pieces like Ozone Jacket and Belle Pant we are forging the future of modern mountain apparel. With a range of Polartec fabrics in each season’s offering, it’s a bright, innovative future for those who love their time in the mountains.