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As a small, independent outerwear brand, we wouldn't be where we are today, or anywhere, without our ambassadors. These humble men and women espouse the Strafe ethos and do a lot for a little.

Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson

Maine bred and representing in Little Cottonwood Canyon.


Rian Zetzer

Backflips and powder.


George Rodney

Youngest rookie Freeride World Tour Champion


mallory duncan headshot

Mallory Duncan

Bend's backcountry hero and independent outdoor goods rep.


Whit Boucher

Pretty good at bikes and skis.


Wendy Fisher

Freeskiing champion, film star, former olympic ski racer equals one fast mom.


Jack Lovely

Montana young gun.


Brooke Murray

Fast skiing and motherhood.


Stuart Edgerly

Often found off the ground.


Jessica Taylor

ACMG ski guide. Building dreams. Keepin it rural.


Benny Schmitt

Tahoe bred SASS Global Travel guide.


Chase Demeulenaere

Air natúral and diesel afficionado.


Susan Medville

Heritage professional and sharing skiing stoke with Rippin Chix camps.


Laura Gaylord

Skiing for herself and others.


Michael Wirth

Pushing peaks.


Max Taam

Fitness extrordinaire and realtor.


Taylor Pratt

Wasatch hero.


Steve Karczewski

Two legs is too easy.


Victor Major

Former ski racer and mountain enthusiast.


George Beck

Skimo skinny sticks make for fast ascents and fun descents.


Evelyn Leibinger

Locally grown freerider and mountain lover.


Jordie Karlinski

Backcountry shredder and realtor. Former competitive snowboarder.


Max Tabor

Custom skis and sends.


Maggie Melberg

Uphiller, downhiller, and RFV realty expert.