February 28, 2024 1 min read

The bottom of the map, Antarctica might not be the first place that comes to mind for a ski destination. However, if you're ready to journey the distance and brave the Drake Passage, Antarctica is a once in a lifetime ski trip and bucket list destination.

Our very own ambassador and friend, Tamara Susa, made the trip this past December. Talented photographer and snowboarder, Tamara and her husband took the honeymoon of dreams! Here's a quick photo story to inspire your next adventure and experience an epic place from her point of view.

ushuiaThe real journey begins at the southern tip of South America.

ice axe expeditions boatThe new Ice Axe Expeditions "boat".

floating icebergSoon the icebergs appear.

water, dinghy passing iceberg, moody cloudy penguins on black sandAnd then the dark ocean and penguins, up close from the dinghy.

(left) unloading from the dinghy in the arctic (right) icy cracked ice waterWhat a journey it is to get to Antarctica — planes, trains, automobiles, charter ships. And that's just to get to the dinghy!

Four skiers in a skin track with cloudy snowy mountain backdropTime to shake out the sea legs.

Antarctica touring scenicFollowing the leader.

(top left)split boarder in scenic skin track (top right) moody skin track (bottom left) seal face emerging from water (bottom right) black and white skier profileFrom stunning towering peaks emerging from glacier plains to wild life surfacing the glassy sea, Antarctica is a sight for sore eyes. Truly a unique ski experience.

snowboarder among rows of ski squiggle linesAntarctic squiggles.

snowboarder packing upToby Radcliff (pictured above) in Strafe's Men's Pyramid 3L Shell Jacket in Storm Cloud Blue and Capitol 3L Shell Pant in Black.

towering mountain backdrop with a long skin track of skiers touring up a glacierCould you imagine a more wild ski destination?

All photos courtesy of Tamara Susa. To see more of Tamara Susa's work visit her Instagram @tamarasusaphoto or her website.

For more information on guided Antarctic adventures please visit Ice Axe Expeditions.




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