September 15, 2023 2 min read


Strafe Outerwear's Winter 2023 Collection: Coming Soon

As the temperature drops and the first snowflakes start to fall, it's time to start thinking of gearing up for the winter season... here's a little tease for what's just around the corner! 


Photos: Jake Burchmore


Defined by Design Deep rooted understanding for the demands of high level performance and protection, Strafe believes that the right gear can elevate your winter experience. Built from an authentic passion for outdoor adventure, our new Winter collection was designed to meet the demands of winter enthusiasts, from the backcountry to resort.







Innovative Technology Our Winter 2023 Collection incorporates the latest in outdoor apparel technology. From advanced waterproofing and breathability, to innovative insulation and materials, every piece is engineered to keep you comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.


 Photos: Spencer Miller


Join the Strafe Community At Strafe, we're more than just an outdoor apparel brand; we're a community of active, tech savvy mountain enthusiasts who share the same passion for feeling at home in the mountains. When you choose Strafe Outerwear, you're not just buying gear; you're joining a family of like-minded individuals who value quality, innovation, and the thrill of winter exploration. 



The Strafe headquarters are located at the base of the Aspen Highlands ski resort in Aspen, Colorado. This premier resort boasts a prominent feature called The Highland Bowl. Rising to 12,392 feet above sea level the bowl is rugged, unforgiving, and is the ultimate environment for Strafe to put their products through the most rigorous testing.



The company’s heritage and brand story is one of undeniable authenticity that resonates with Strafe’s passionate employees and customer base. Designed with intention, all Strafe products are comprised of the very best materials and coupled with superlative fit, function, and construction.



Style Meets Function Strafe Outerwear has always been synonymous with style, and this collection is no exception. Our bold color palette, fun prints, and limited production were made to help you stand out. You'll find a wide range of options to suit your taste and adventure style. Carefully crafted details and high-quality finishes ensure you'll look good and feel great, wherever you go.

We've created versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from stormy resort laps, to touring in the backcountry. So, whether you're shredding fresh powder, exploring a winter wonderland, or simply braving the cold on your daily commute, you'll be warm and stylish.


 Photos: Spencer Miller


Are you ready to embrace the chill and take on winter with confidence? Whether you're a seasoned pro, or a winter newbie, get ready to gear up for unforgettable adventures! Winter 2023 Collection, coming soon.