October 12, 2020 2 min read

With ever-shortening attention spans, the proliferation of mini-edits, and the increasing number of people that ski without poles, you would think that the ski movie is a dying art form.

While that still may be true, there remains an appetite for long-form, engaging ski and snowboard content. Part nostalgia, part off-season boredom, and part next-level skiing--captured by amazing cinematography you wouldn't be able to find on social media--there is an undeniable magic to big-screen ski movie premieres in the fall. This year we are remiss without the in-person benefits, like the chance to meet your favorite athlete or reuniting with the community you haven't seen since last winter, but the magic is still there. Drive-in movies, zoom premieres, it's of a different flavor than year's past, but all the ingredients remain and the chef's are just as good.

Strafe Outerwear - 2020 Ski Movie Roundup

Luckily, we still have amazing production companies like TGR and Warren Miller to provide us with the ski movie content we don't just want, but need.

With our ambassadors, Strafe Outerwear will be represented alongside some of the biggest brands in the industry in these films. In TGR's "Make Believe", you'll find Blake Wilson, and in Warren Miller's "Future Retro", you'll see Victor Major in the Iceland segment and Jack Lovely in the Montana one.

Up first, we have Blake Wilson in the new TGR film "Make Believe". Blake, a Maine native, has quietly killed it in Utah's Wasatch Mountains over the last few years. Undeniably talented, the hard work behind this movie is obvious. Check it out and you'll be rewarded with Blake's smooth style and impressive trick repertoire, plus an Aspen segment.

The trailer for the new TGR film, "Make Believe", premiered in October 2020. You'll see Blake in the Ozone Jacket and the Nomad Bibs.

"Future Retro", Warren Miller's 71st film, has three virtual premieres showing this November. In the Iceland segment, you'll see Victor Major in his filming debut, transcribing his past as a ski-racer onto massive Icelandic faces. When the film travels to Montana, you'll see Jack and his sister Maria, up-and-coming rippers, teeing up on some of the most rugged terrain in the lower 48.

The trailer for the new Warren Miller film "Future Retro" premiering Nomvember 2020. Jack and Victor are both rocking the Pyramid Jacket and Capitol Pants.

Up your pre-season motivation and show your support for the industry by watching these ski movies this fall!

For more information on the TGR film visit here. For more Warren Miller visit here.