Warranty & Repairs


Strafe stands behind the performance and quality of all our products. All Strafe products are covered by Strafe warranty against manufacturer and material defects for two years. To extend the lifespan of your products, Strafe offers repairs for any products not covered by warranty.

Strafe develops products to the highest standards. We create products we want to use - lightweight, breathable products - that protect and perform so well you forget you are wearing them. Still, no matter how well you care for and treat your Strafe product, the garment will eventually begin to wear and see performance reduced.


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What is covered by Strafe warranty?

Strafe warranty guarantees all our products against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship. Products found to be defective through typical use are covered for the original purchaser two years for purchase date. Depending on the issue, products under warranty will be repaired or replaced by Strafe.

What isn't covered by Strafe warranty?

Strafe warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. So, in addition to damage caused by improper use, treatment, or care, this warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents or the natural breakdown of materials over time. Still, products outside Strafe warranty may be repaired at a reasonable cost.

Tell Me More About Repairs

Strafe believes in minimizing consumption and the long-term utility of our products, even if they are out of the warranty period. Strafe offers low-cost repairs in-house or through a partner, depending on the repair level, to extend your product lifespan. Please get in touch to see what options may be available to you.

While we strive to return repairs in a timely manner, repairs typically take 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year, product or material availability, and repair level. Please plan ahead and realize we are a small team doing our best to get you back out there as soon as possible, minimizing your time without your gear.

What's next?

To begin the repair or warranty process, please get in touch with a customer service representative through our chat or contact form. We'll confirm receipt, give you a claim number, and provide next steps. Your gear must be CLEAN before you send it in for service or evaluation.

Please include the following details to expedite your warranty/repair claim:
  1. Your Information (Name, contact information, and order number or retailer)
  2. Product Information (Product name, color, size, and approximate purchase date)
  3. Product Issue (Issue description and images)

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If you have any questions regarding our warranty terms please reach out to us via the chat or our contact form, or please review the FAQs below.

Please visit our other warranty page for full terms and conditions of the Strafe warranty.

YKK zippers are covered under Strafe warranty for one year. We use YKK zippers on all of our products because they are the most reliable and durable zippers available. However, YKK only guarantees it’s zippers for one year and therefore we are only able to cover them under Strafe warranty for this time period.

Zippers, because of their complexity, can be costly to repair. However, it's still possible.

Please care for and use your zippers gently. For stubborn zippers, we have some tricks for getting them to work, so let us know if you're having any issues.

Read YKK's precautions on zipper use.

Customers are responsible for shipping to Strafe. Strafe is not responsible for the product until received, and will cover the return shipping costs.

Please use guaranteed shipping and provide tracking information where possible to reduce any complications in the warranty and repair process.

Yes, absolutely!

There are a range of techniques and aftermarket products that you can use to remedy common issues yourself to keep your gear performing and looking good for years to come. In addition to the many great resources and how-to's on the web, we are happy to help provide information and instruction to assist in your repair.

Repairs made under warranty are provided free of charge. Repairs for products outside of warranty will be charged a nominal fee depending on the repair type. We're working on a cost list, but either way, we'll confirm the repair cost and procedure with you before we do anything.

We recognize our products aren't perfect and there are unanticipated challenges with every piece. Most problems we're aware of and these are some typical ones:

- Shredded cuffs (for cuffs without outer cordura reinforcement)

- Snaps/button replacement

- Delaminating fabric

- Seam or seam taping coming apart

- Rips, tears, cuts

- Color fading or material wear

- Waterproofing (see next FAQ)

- Burn holes

Yes and no.

The majority of Strafe product has been treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) when it is fresh from the factory. We use a PFC free water-repellent coating called EMPEL. This coating provides the initial waterproofing and awesome water beading on new product, however it wears off after time.

The primary waterproofing of your garment is delivered by the waterproof, air-permeable membrane, which allows air and water vapor to escape, but does not let water molecules in. Even though your DWR may have worn out, the waterproof membrane is still delivering functional waterproofing.

The performance of both the waterproof membrane and the DWR will weaken over time and use. Fortunately, the DWR and membrane capabilities can be reinvigorated with proper product care and maintenance.

If your garment is experiencing waterproofing issues beyond the normal reduction of performance or improper care, we may be able help solve your problem with warranty or repair.

Your gear must be clean before you send it in to us. You should also regularly wash your gear to keep it performing and looking fresh.

WASHING: We recommend washing in cold water (if your gear is really dirty, wash it in warm water) on gentle cycle with a detergent that is specifically made for outerwear. Close all zippers and loosen any draw-cords. Never use normal liquid detergent or hot water, as both can destroy the membrane and the glue that holds the seam tape. We recommend Grangers, which has a wide range of products for all types of technical gear.

DRYING: Either hang to dry or, to reinvigorate the product's DWR, place it in the dryer on low for about 10 minutes and then hang dry. Never dry on high or for very long as you will destroy the seam glue and your garment.

If your Strafe product has served it's practical lifespan or purpose to you, great work! That's our ultimate goal.

However, the last place we want our product end up is a landfill. Whatever state your gear is in, we can take it off your hands to make sure it is recycled properly or, if functioning, passed along to those in need. We work with national and international programs to provide gear to under-served communities.

Our long term goal is to create a fully fledged used gear program. For now, we can provide you a prepaid shipping label and, if your gear isn't trashed (functioning; wearable; no rips, tears, or stains), a discount towards your next purchase.