July 26, 2022 1 min read

At Strafe Outerwear, we have been continually fascinated and inspired by fabrics and fabric technology. We believe that innovations in fabric combined with intentional design can add value to anyones experience in the outdoors. In pursuit of this goal, we have partnered with brrr° and their advanced cooling technology fabrics for our Summer Capsule. 

brrr°’s disruptive cooling technology creates a Triple Chill Effect®, harnessing the independent factors of cooling minerals, rapid drying, and active wicking to provide cooling. Combining these powerful ingredients results in a fabric that is immediately cool to the touch and draws heat and moisture away from the body to lower the temperature of skin. The cooling effects of brrr° technology have been rigorously tested in global textile labs and consistently outperform other products, without any of the external inputs required for cooling from competitors.

brrr triple chill effect graphic

The Data

brrr cool to the touch test resultsSource: FTTS Cool Feeling Textiles FA-019
Cool Touch Test

brrr° fabrics are permanently cool to the touch with more chill than comparable competitors.

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brrr wicking test results graphSource: AATCC Vertical Wicking of Textiles 197-2013
Wicking Rate

brrr° fabrics incorporate wicking technology to move moisture away from your skin, for nonstop comfort.

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brrr drying test results graphSource: AATCC Drying Rate of Fabrics: Heated Plate Method 202-2014
Drying Rate

brrr° fabrics takes less time to dry, rapidly releasing moisture into the air, cooling the fabric and providing a fresh and crisp experience.

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