March 08, 2018 2 min read

eating bacon on chairlift

Images and Words by: WHIT BOUCHER

Pocket snack extraordinaire, J.F. Bruegger, explains the art behind the practice.

The craft of the pocket snack has been passed down by generation after generation of skiers. Whether it’s not stopping to get lunch because the pow is too deep or you’re just broke, the pocket snack is a tradition amongst core skiing communities and is integral to the health and daily nourishment of any ski bum. As prices of resort food continue to spiral out of control we have to ask, why don’t we all just always do pocket snacks and save ourselves a bunch of money? The reason: Bonnie’s. It’s obvious. At least that’s why in Aspen. But, for those die-hard souls that want bell-to-bell, non-stop leg burning action, the pockets snack is an absolute necessity and vital for logging the most vert in any single day.
No stranger to bell-to-bell, full-throttle sending, JF Brugger, is a master in the art of the pocket snack. An intimate knowledge of meats and intense love for skiing has culminated to inspire a creative pallet of go-to pocket banquets. I headed to Aspen Mountain to take a couple laps with JF to see what he was packin’ for the day…

WB: Tell me a little about you philosophy on pocket snacks.

JF: I always like to bring pocket snacks on the mountain so you don’t have to stop and pay nine bucks for a cookie at Sundeck. I will spend money at Bonnie’s though, that’s the one place. Go get an apple dumpling. It’s hard to put an apple dumpling in your pocket, at least a warm one.

WB: Any new innovative snacks you’ve been working on perfecting?

JF: I’ve been working up to pocket fondu, but haven’t quite nailed that one yet. You know a little to-go fondu for the chairlift. Progress on the design is going well, meeting with a team of pot builders to build a custom pocket pot to keep your cheese warm while you ski and then you can munch on the chairlift.

WB: Tell me a little more about what you’re packing today and how you like to make sure you’ve got a nice well-rounded assortment.

JF: For the moment we’ve got some maple bacon and some jerky. I like to start with some protein for the day. I like to move from protein to sugar and then bubble gum is always nice. I’ve got the Juicy Fruit Starburst today. That’s a nice one. Bubble tape. And, Big League Chew.

JF turn

WB: What are your top 5 snacks?


1. Bacon is a given, maple bacon.
2. Beef Jerky
3. Lindt Chocolate. Dark chocolate.
4. Pocket liquid of any type, today we are featuring Red Bull.
5. Big League Chew. It’s kind of a dessert item. When you’re done eating you can just keep chewin’.

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