Presenting the Winter 23/24 Collection from Strafe Outerwear, built for skiers, riders, and mountain enthusiasts. Defined by design, this collection is fun and intentional, crafted to maximize use and enjoyment.

Our product is designed to be versatile, yet we know that you, our customer, want the right tools for the right conditions. With that in mind, we've assembled our second-annual product guide.

Freeride-focused styles are also versatile shells. Featuring a progressive, relaxed fit and event® DV Alpine fabric, these shells are more air-permeable and function just as well in the backcountry as they do on the resort.

Alpine-focused styles are versatile shells. Primarily intended for various conditions on the resort, by adjusting layering and venting, these also function for moderate touring, sidecountry, and in-bounds hiking.

Cold-weather styles add simplicity and comfort to their intended use of resort riding. Featuring stretch face fabric and mapped Primaloft® P.U.R.E (Produced Using Reduced Emissions) insulation, these styles act as a thermal regulating barrier.

Part freeride, part deep powder, part nostalgic bliss, this is the one-piece suit as perfected by Strafe. With nowhere for snow to sneak in, Sickbird Suits are your unique fit for everyday riding and are optimal for deep powder whether you're snowcat, heli, or resort shredding.

Touring-focused styles are minimalist, lightweight, and our most air-permeable shells. These styles function best when the majority of the day is spent moving.